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Coming events:

  • It’s All About Us! – 12-13 March 2022 – Bologna (Italy)
  • Hot Potato – 18-20 March 2022 – Aberdeen (Scotland)
  • ESBF Espanish Blues Festival – 1-3 April 2022 – Madrid (Spain)
  • Vienna Sugar Blues – 16-19 June 2022 – Vienna (Austria)
  • Good Times Blues Fest – 21-24 July 2022 – Guglionesi (Italy)
  • Be Bluesed – 8-11 September – Be Bluesed – Bern (Switzerland)
  • Blues After Hours – 14-16 October – Blues After Hours – Athens (Greece)
  • Boulevard Blues – 28-30 October – Boulevard Blues – Hasselt (Belgium)
  • ESpanish Blues Festival – 25-27 November – ESpanish Blues Festival – Madrid (Spain)
  • Blues Fever – 8-11 December – Blues Fever – Vienna (Austria)

Dance Classes


For more info, drop me an email at


Monday 19.30 Solo Blues level 1
Monday 20.30 Solo Blues level 2
Monday 21.30 Partnered Blues level 1

Forlì Spaziodanza A.C.S.D.
Wednesday 21.30 Solo Jazz & Solo Blues – Open level


Drop me an email at


  • 12 July 2022 – Padova

Drop me an email at

Bibi is an amazing teacher: she encourages you to be creative while also working on technique and suggesting how you can adapt every move to your body.

Her approach is very didactic: she builds on previous classes every week and works with your existing knowledge and musicality.

Highly recommend!!!


Bibi is not only a stunning dancer with that extra glow of passion but also an extremely competent teacher.

Her input was so deep and strikingly focused on what I needed that it remained with me and gave me the opportunity to grow. A very joyful and encouraging experience to dig into Blues dance together with her.

I just love her playful nerdistry and I recommend lessons with her from all my happy heart.


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