After a very inspiring first one, and a very due change of name (apparently it’s common feature of all Italians to say “ALRIGHT!” quite frequently) I am coming back with a second date and I am once again very excited to invite you to a ✨ night of blues… fully on analog support! 🎶

Come enjoy the magic of listening and dancing to music on vinyls, 45 or 33 RPMs only!

✨In my journey as a DJ I have always had a passion for vinyls. I love the magic that comes from the turntable, I love the color, the texture and the warmth of the sound, I love watching music being pulled through a needle and I love putting my hands on the sleeve and reading what’s written on the cover, touching that thin piece of paper as a rare and precious book of spells.

✨ Simply, I love the respectuous ritual and sound that comes with selecting music from vinyls.

✨ Preparing the turntable, turning on the stereo system, selecting a record, carefully pulling it out of its sleeve, gently sliding it on to the platter, and placing the needle on its outermost grooves truly makes this a ritual; a ritual that prepares you to pay attention to the music, to put everything else aside and listen and connect with the notes and words of people who made the sounds.

I have been collecting vinyls for years and now, I feel ready to share those tunes with you all!

➡️ If you want to join me, here is the ZOOM link for the night:

➡️ Check the Facebook event here:

➡️ The party is free and open for everyone.
If you can and want to send donations, you can do so at this link:

I hope to see you there!

Published by Bibi

Blues dancer, insegnante e dj - Viaggiatrice compulsiva - Amante della vita, della natura e dei gatti!

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